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The Social Update

"The Social Update" just went live. With this, we want to help charXchange to become a place that brings players together who are looking for a new online group. You can help us by updating your profil by checking your setting.

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Voice chat directly from the browser

Until now, you needed a 2024518504 to participate in voice-over-ip sessions hosted at charXchange. Thanks to the open-source project mumble-web, you can now join live session directly with your browser. That does not only improve accessibility but also helps players behind a restrictive firewall.

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What is charXchange?

CharXchange is an online place where you can store your Pen&Paper RPG character's stats for yourself and others to use.

What is it good for?

For instance if you are playing Pen&Paper RPG's online using Voice over IP as we do, you will find it usefull to share up-to-date character stats with your game master or your fellow player.

What P&P systems do you support?

We are trying to be as system-agnostic as possible so charXchange should work for almost every RPG system we know.

In the future we are planning to provide useful templates for some systems.

What's the project's status?

You are currently seeing a late ALPHA with some features implemented and some more to go before BETA.

Be prepared to encounter bugs and down times.