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Nordkoreas Machthaber und der US-Präsident kommen am Mittwoch zu...

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«Hamburger Morgenpost»

Vier Milliarden Euro! : Riesiger Sanierungsstau an Hamburger Gebäuden
Schon beim Schulbau wurde ein Sanierungsstau von zwei Milliarden Euro festgestellt....
Am frühen Morgen: MEK stürmt Wohnung – Bewohner verletzt
Am Dienstagmorgen schlugen die Fahnder zu....

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«Süddeutsche Zeitung»

Hannover 96: Die Fans drohen und singen vom "Europapokal"
Horst Heldt und Martin Kind

Hannover 96 taumelt dem Abstieg entgegen,...

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Hamburg Airport

is a substantial employer for the city of Hamburg. Upon others the Civil Aviation Authority is located there and their mission is to care for a save air traffic, save maneuvering surfaces and they deal with a lot of paperwork. But it´s a well balanced relationship between work outside and inside. The dynamic life on the airport is always full of surprises - so it never becomes boring. In order to fulfil its tasks, the aeronautical surveillance authority carries out checks on aircraft and their crews. It can issue decrees, restrictions and prohibitions, i. e. it has sovereign powers. Usually, people who work for aviation authority are trained in aviation and have a pilot's license.


has been closed down in 2013. Augsburg Airways was a regional airline operating in Germany and Europe. As a member of Team Lufthansa and its successor Lufthansa Regional, it operated feeder services at Munich Airport on behalf of Lufthansa. Until closing down, Augsburg Airways with its fleet of 15 aircraft operated 36 destinations for Lufthansa Regional, among them Graz, Zagreb, Gothenburg, Dresden, Warsaw and Prague. Some of Augsburg Airways' aircraft were also available for charter flights, when they were not employed on the network. The last flight by Augsburg Airways under the Lufthansa Regional brand took place on 26 October 2013, and the company with its then 450 employees was subsequently shut down on 31 October.

Raspberry Pi plugin
Raspberry Pi

is a small computer with the size of a cigarettebox. You connect it with a monitor and attach a small simcard as HD, keyboard and mouse. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B was released in February 2016 with a 64 bit quad core processor, on-board WiFi, Bluetooth and USB boot capabilities. There are lots of tutorials and descriptions how to set up a Pi as a server for example. But there are many, many other applications, such as home automation, mechanical, software, electronics and robotics engineering, you can do with a Pi. A good start you may get with Getting started with the Raspberry Pi And a easy way to save your datawork on your small SD card you may find here: Get PiShrink from GitHub

Mini Solius
Airplane Model Construction

The MiniSolius above (by MULTIPLEX) is a small but highly stable cast glider with a wingspan of 65 cm. My challenge was to make it a remote controlled airplane with a small electric propdrive. Originally the model only weights 45 g. Now with three micro servos, receiver, lipo and motor built in it weights 115 g. However, flying characteristics are still good with a bit "dual-expo" on your transmitter. Due to its weight you always need some power - gliding is more or less poor. Soaring may be possible without the motor and a weight less than 80 g.

Model Aircraft

Motortest Extra 300 3D Depron

Die Extra 300, ein Kunstflugzeug als Silhouettenflieger aus 6 mm Depron. Die Spannweite beträgt 65 Zentimeter, die Länge 60 Zentimeter, Gewicht: 150 g. Als Motor dient ein gebrauchter E-flite EFLM 7010 BL 280 mit 1800 Kv. Der Regler ist ebenfalls von E-flite EFLA 7300, 10 amp. Der Lipo-Accu hat 2 Zellen mit 600 mAh. Die Steuerung erfolgt über ein Querruderservo sowie Seiten- und Höhenruder.

Mini Solius als RC-Flieger mit Motor

Der Mini Solius ist ein einfacher Wurfgleiter (12 Euro) mit sehr guten Flugeigenschaften. Als RC-Modell mit Motor ist das Flugzeug mit 115 Gramm Gewicht schon recht schwer, aber immer noch gut fliegbar. Die Steuerung erfolgt über zwei Querruderservos und ein Höhenruder. Spannweite: 65 cm, Länge: 48 cm, Gewicht: 115 g. Als Propeller habe ich eine Klappluftschraube von Conrad verwendet. Als Motorisierung dient ein Set (Power System Combo: DW Wing C10 2900KV Micro Brushless Motor, ESC, 3 Servos, LiPo Battery mit 2 Zellen, 400 mAh, Propeller) aus China von Hobby Acc, vertrieben über die Seite Das Set enthält: 1x C10 2900KV motor, 3x 2.5g Servo, 1x 5A 2S ESC, 1x 2S 7.4V 400mAh LiPo Battery, 2x 5030 CW Propeller, 2x 5030 CCW Propeller, 1x 1.5mm Prop Saver und kostet 32 Euro.

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